From people who have worked with Mason:

"Mason's guidance helped me stay focused and both survive, and more importantly enjoy, two half-Ironmans, a half-marathon, 30-day hikes, and a 200-mile relay race. The biggest impact, however was when I used his advice to conquer a paralyzing fear of public speaking and give a talk to 12,000 people. Listen to this man!"

--Chris O.

"Mason has a passion for understanding the psychology of tennis and how to improve an individual's mental approach to the game. His education, training, and experience can lead to dramatic improvements in mental preparation and ultimately in overall play."

--John B.


Examples of athletes involved with Sport Psychology professionals

While most sport psychology work is done without public acknowledgement, in some cases, athletes speak openly about how training their mental games has been important to them. Here are some examples that help show the prevalence of sport psychology training.


The next frontier is at the level of skilled local players who either compete in tournaments or take their recreational games very seriously. They, too, now realize that perfecting specific mental skills for tennis can have as critical an impact as perfecting physical skills. So sports psychology is very relevant to tennis players. 

--Arthur Ashe


Clay Buchholz, Pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Article


Georges St-Pierre, Martial Artist, UFC 170 lb. Champion, Article


Chael Sonnen, Martial Artist, UFC 185 lb. #1 contender

--Interview on "Fighting Words with Mike Straka" (about 4:52)


"100% of the United States Vancouver Olympic Team"


Lindsay Vonn, U.S. Skier and Olympic Gold-medalist, Article