First Mental Half Episode of April is Up

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I spoke with Tehnaz Boyle, a physician in one of the biggest Emergency Departments in Boston about the challenges of performing at her best when a patient's life is at stake. This is a really intense world.

TMH Tehnaz

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New Mental Half Episode

This time, we're back with more tennis, examinging the creative techniques used at the High Altitude Tennis academy to motivate students to reach their goals. I interview founder Ryan Segelke about the structure of his training programs.

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TMH Ryan and HAT


The Mental Half Episode 3 is Up

In this episode, I talk about the pressures of test-taking with Annie Padnuk, who tutors high school students and helps them boost their SAT and ACT scores. We discuss how stress can often be the result of being unprepared, and how structure and preparation can help prevent students from making big mistakes. 

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The Mental Half Episode 2 Annie


Deep, Regulated, Diaphramatic Breathing Exercise

Here is the breathing exercise!

Deep Breathing Exercise


Second Episode Up

I've posted a new episode of The Mental Half. This is more of a companion episode to the first, where I get to talk a little more in depth about two of the topics from the Colin episode: performance spirals, and regulated breathing. The direct link is below, as well as the text of the regulated breathing exercise. I look forward to your feedback.




The Mental Half - Episode 1.5


The Mental Half (update)

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The Mental Half - Episode 1


The Mental Half

This is my latest venture: a podcast about performance skills and psychology, with special attention to true-life cases and solutions. This week's episode is about a tennis player who is not sure what to do if he has missed numerous serves in a row.

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The Mental Half

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PS - Here's a link to the Efficacy-Performance Spiral article by Dana H. Lindsley.


Workbook Release

Core Mental Skills for TennisI am very excited to announce that my mental-game-for-tennis workbook "Core Mental Skills for Tennis" has been finished and is now available for sale on lulu.com. There are two versions, a PDF-eBook and a hard copy paperback that includes a section of worksheets for tracking goals and match-to-match experiences. If you don't have a notebook for recording your what happened in your matches, I recommend the hard copy. It should be tough enough to last in your tennis bag for at least the 10 matches it's designed to help you track. 

I am really excited about the book because I know it has practical value for any tennis player trying to build a stronger mental game. The skills and vocabulary presented in the book are truly the foundational skills for building a mental game. I'm excited about how it will help people and for the questions and conversations it will start. Incidentally, I'm working on the second volume in the series, which will help develop these skills further, and introduce a few higher-level techniques. I welcome your questions and comments.

Core Mental Skills for Tennis (Soft Cover)

Core Mental Skills for Tennis (eBook)


Quick Note

I am pleased to announce that I've accepted a position as an Assistant Coach with the MIT Women's Tennis team. MIT was ranked in the top 25 of Division III last spring, and is returning most of the team, as well as bringing in several very talented freshmen. I'm very excited to be joining Coach Matsuzaki's staff.