For Athletes

With most athletes, we start with a discussion of their goals and outlook. Many athletes have a specific situations that they would like to address better, but often the initial consultation helps clarify the areas of their mental game that can benefit most from some work. 

The path to improvement can lead in several directions from there, ranging from an occasional check-in to frequent discussion, observation, videotaping, journaling, and other exercises. 

I work in person, through email, and via Skype. All of these have their strengths. In person is the clearest, email allows more self-reflection, and Skype allows me to work with people who don't teleport or own a plane. 

For more of a sense of topics, see my Workshops page.


While my primary focus is on mental skills and performance, I do coach tennis players, including giving on-court lessons. Please contact me for more information. Tennis players may also be interested in my mental skills workbook, which contains material about the most important mental skills and is targeted to young tennis players looking to hone their mental games. 


Sports Bio:

The greatest depth of my experience is with tennis, as I have coached, taught lessons, and competed extensively for the past decade. I also played soccer in college and took basketball seriously.

As a fan, my interest in sports range from mixed martial arts (most prominently the UFC) and the Big American Team Sports (baseball, football, and basketball) to poker, figure skating, and curling. I'm interested in performance under pressure without regards to the arena.