Hi, I'm Mason Astley, the founder of Astley Performance Coaching. I trained tennis players for years, but was distressed about how much of the training was on physical skills. The prevailing assumption was that if a player spent enough time learning technique that they would figure out the mental part of the sport. They would automatically focus on the most helpful things, apply the right amount of energy at the right time, never lose their cool, etc. Even worse, there was a secondary assumption: that some players were hopeless "head cases" who were destined never to compete well.  

It seemed like a lot of energy was wasted by players and instructors alike without directly addressing the mental skills necessary to compete well. That fact spurred me to go to graduate school to study sport psychology. I now have absolute confidence that I can improve any performer's mental game through training. I help people understand the mental side of sports, and other forms of performance, so that their mental game keeps up with their technique. 

I am the Assistant Coach for Women's Tennis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.